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101 Nutrition
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“Abs are made with SMART food choices, not necessarily in the kitchen” – David Michael
How you feel and look is important and if you are making gains in the gym or at your sport, but not seeing the definition you want then you are taking in too many calories or not getting the right amount of nutrients.
Look no further than 101 Nutrition Plans; Detailed in this Plan you will be able to set your own calorie intake based on your needs and what you eat is down to you! 
Weight loss is calories in VS calories out! However if you want to change the way you look and become more defined or have muscle then you have to purchase this plan or speak to me and I will show you.
Practical Information
Technical Information

Foundation of any solid training plan.
included in this you will get all you need to know about how to set yourself up for greatness.
As you get leaner or bigger you can go back to this plan and re-assess your own goals to transform yourself.


Macros will be based on your answers to the questionare 

In this PDF you will get the basics of SMART food choices and my principles in diet and how to eat to either maintain your weight, lose fat or build muscle.


All in easy to read and set up excel and PDFs


As you progress or get to where you want to be, you can revist these plans and reset your data to keep progressing!


Get in touch now and look how you want to look. 


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