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101 Bigger
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“101 Big is great for anyone who wants to put on size with workouts which gets you in and out of the gym which gives you more time to do what you want to do” – David Michael 

There are two main reasons that people fail in their plans to get into shape.
Reason one: People simply start out with the wrong information.
Reason two: People lose motivation by not seeing results

In this PDF you will get my principles in diet and how to eat to gain size and how to train to get stronger and build muscle.
Look no further than 101 Big; Detailed in this Plan you will get diet and workout plans which you can keep going forever.
Practical Information
Technical Information

Plan set out in stages and based off getting you stronger (bigger muscles) and more powerful (Speed)


Micro Cycle 1 - Build base

Micro Cycle 2 - Get Strong

Micro Cycle 3 - Get Power


Can be repeted over and over to ensure you are not hitting a wall and keep progressing.

Give it 100% and you WILL see results


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